About Us

The Chambers of Commerce are effectively operating in different countries all around the world, whose purpose is to ensure representation of general business interests, and to promote the competitiveness among enterprises. Worldwide, Asia is distinguished by its strong economic growth, which can offer a favorable business environment for many entrepreneurs and investors from Asian and European countries. Extensive work experience and cooperation with Asian countries has encouraged us to establish The Asian Countries Chamber of Commerce (ACCC), the purpose of Chamber is to ensure the most favorable conditions for the effective business ideas. The Chamber is focused on progressive small and medium – sized business development and the promotion of two – way investments.

We believe that The Asian Countries Chamber of Commerce will find for You reliable business partners, reveal the potential of Asia for the Lithuanian market and will encourage society to actively show interest in international investments and business opportunities. Our vision is to become a bridge between Lithuania and Asian countries by forming successful business relationships based on mutual support, respect and solidarity.

Our objectives:

  • To expand progressive economic and business relations between Lithuania and Asian countries;
  • To promote mutual investment and trade;
  • To unite govermental and non-governmental organizations, social partners and individuals who take interest in bilateral Lithuania and Asian countries cooperation;
  • Actively promote mutual Lithuania and Asian countries entrepreneurship, effectively representing the interests of both countries clients;
  • To improve the international business environment, applying trading standarts of Lithuania and Asian countries as well as involving business ideas;
  • To reinforce the competitiveness of enterprises;
  • To reveal the unique potential of Asia and business opportunities for the interest group in Lithuania and vice versa;
  • To attract the investments of small and medium – sized business into Lithuania;
  • To strenghten the social and cultural relations between Lithuania and Asian countries;

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