Business Environment

The business environment constitues one of the essential elements of the country’s competitiveness. The right business environment has a signifcant impact on the country’s attraction of investments and welfare growth.


  • Lithuania is the geographic centre of Europe – crossroads of Central and Western Europe, Scandinavian and Baltic markets;
  • Well developed transport network: three international airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga, railways, favorable roads in the Baltic States, two international transport corridors, Eastern Baltic ice – free seaport;
  • Part of the Baltic Sea region;
  • Two free economic zones: Kaunas FEZ and Klaipeda FEZ – located in the country’s economically important centres and provide favourable conditions for developing business activities;
  • The government is engaged in a variety of infrastructure improvement projects;

Human Resource:

  • Lithuanians are among the best educated EU citizens – more than 90% inhabitants having secondary or higher education;
  • Lithuanians are one of the most multilingual peoples in the EU – every third Lithuanian speaks English;
  • Lithuanians are flexible, hard – working and creative people, best known as innovators and authors of the world – scale inventions, for instance, in the fields of biotechnology, lasers, IT ect.

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