Lithuania -  a relatively small country in Europe, where the surrounding green nature as well as the ancient Baltic cultural heritage go hand in hand with the modernity and progress. The diligence of people achieved the goal -  today Lithuania is considered as a dynamic and open country to the world, enriching everyone not only with new experience but also with knowledge.

  • Capital: Vilnius
  • Official language: Lithuanian
  • Area: 65. 3000 km²
  • Population: 3.180.390
  • National currency: Litas (LTL)3.4528 = 1 EURO
  • Geographical location: Lithuania is a state located on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea
  • Neighboring countries: Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia
  • Form of government: parliamentary democracy
  • International membership:
    • NATO member since 29, March 2004
    • Member of European Union since 1 May, 2004

Largest cities (number of inhabitants):

Vilnius (548 835)
Kaunas (348 625)
Klaipėda (182 752)
Šiauliai (125 453)
Panevėžys (111 959)

Ethnic groups (%) :

Lithuanians 83.5
Poles 6.7
Russians 6.3
Belorussians 1.2
Other 2.3

Religion: App. 79% Lithuanians belong to Roman Catholic Church. There are also Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical Lutheran, Reformed Church, Judaism, Islam and other religions.

Life expectancy:

  • Average life expectancy in Lithuania is 71 year
  • Average female life expectancy is 77 year
  • Average male life expectancy is 66 year

Climate:  Lithuania’s climate, which ranges between maritime and continental, is relatively mild. The average temperatures are + 23 º C in July  and – 4.9 º C in January.


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